Special Effect Rentals

From confetti cannons and smoke machines to C02 jets and bubble machines, we offer next-level special effects rentals right from our Nashville location.

Effects for
any event

Whatever your need, we can supply it. We have a special effect solution for large or small-scale concerts or corporate events.

Available Rentals

CO2 Jet w/ Hoses

This state-of-the-art cryogenic effect system is capable of producing up to 20 feet of fog using liquid CO2.

Confetti Cannon

The Confetti Cannon has a double-barrel configuration with a capacity for 1.5 lbs/0.68 kg of confetti or up to 8 feet of streamer sleeves.

Confetti Blower

The Confetti Blower is a continuous-flow machine that is meant to spread confetti products into the air with the use of CO2 gas.

Low Ground Fog Machine

This fog machine creates a powerful, controllable, low-lying fog effect or fog curtain when used in conjunction with G300, GForce-2 or GForce-3 and is specially formulated with our Molecular Low Fog Fluid.

Vertical Geyser

A unique fogger effect that adds a touch of drama to any performance.

Bubble Machine

The CHAUVET DJ B-250 is CHAUVET DJ’s mid-level bubble machine, designed for larger areas where portability remains a top need.

Snow Machine

This snow machine has variable speeds that allow for a range of snow, from wisps of snowflakes to a flurry of larger, white fluffy or dry snowflakes.

Smoke Fogger Machine

This rugged, versatile machine has a very high output. The G300 is a dual-mode machine, offering water-based smoke and haze.

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