Dragons – A propane fed device that emits a controllable flame column or fireball effect; height can vary from 6’ – 40’


No matter where you are in the world, crowds have a primal fascination with fire and our wide array of flame products allow you to become master of these fundamental forces. Regardless of whether it’s our Dragon, Firescreen or 5 Master flame system, the heat and blazing light from these flaming moments will “burn” your messages into memories.

Remote Dragon Head – A propane-fed device that emits a powerful multi-burst flame effect. These units can be fired vertically, horizontally and custom designed into various stage props.

Dragon Tails – An additional attachment for our Dragon units that allows the creation of a fire wall with adjustable high and low flame height.

Colored Flames – These units use a combination of alcohol fluid and propane to create blue, green, red, yellow, orange or purple flames.

Stadium Flames – A propane-fed device that uses a 100lb propane tank to produce towering flame columns. Perfect for use in large stadium events.

Lycopodium Flame Effects – A device fueled by lycopodium powder (a harmless vegetable spore) that emits a column of flame or fireball effects. Heights are controllable and can be anywhere from 5ft to 30ft. Ideal for use in venues where propane is not permitted.

Custom Flame Effects – From flaming circus rings to giant campfire pits to flaming dollar signs, we’ve done it all. We’re here to lend our expertise to the creation of whatever custom flame effect you can imagine.

Dragons – A propane-fed device that emits a controllable flame column or fireball effect; height can vary from 6ft to 40ft.

5 Masters – A fluid-powered flame projector, capable of producing five independently controlled flames with a height of up to 7m at varying angles.

Non-propane Flame Effects – Various options for Non-propane flame effects.

Fire screens – A programmable pixel-based unit, which can be deployed in a modular fashion, allowing  the ability to control in sequence or randomly the height, speed or vertical pace of flame effects. This system allows users to create a variety of looks, from lazy flames to back-and-forth chases to a wall of fire up to 8ft tall.