Bruno Mars

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The 24K Magic Tour is one of the most electrifying tours on the road; Bruno Mars delivers an incredible performance each night. Pyrotek is honored to be part of this epic production with a wide range of effects.

The concert begins with “24k Magic,” Mars’ current hit. The song is the best possible way to kick off the night, with its lyrics seeming as if they had been written for that exact moment at hand. The song starts and finishes with a bang, thanks to the pyro lighting up the stage. We have a total of 10 pyro zones: eight zones positioned across the mid-stage area along with two in the truss. This enhances the performance and matches the energy and confidence of Bruno Mars, whose demeanor and truly impressive voice always get the crowd on their feet and dancing. Other songs throughout the evening feature the same electrifying pyro hits like “That’s What I Like,” “Runaway Baby,” and “Uptown Funk.”

The middle part of Bruno Mars' set features a mix of old favorites and songs from Mars’ recent release 24k Magic, with a couple of lively sounding covers. During this time, Mars really brings the magic, as his performance intensifies and further captures the enraptured audience. At this time the arena gets lit up with a multitude of color with 12 full-spectrum lasers positioned on the upstage wall and lighting rig along with an additional 12 audience-scanning lasers. During the performing of “Versace on the Floor,” the audience is engulfed in violet lasers. Mars then launches into a fun performance of “Calling All My Lovelies” which brilliantly pairs white high-powered lasers with the congo stage lighting.

The hit song “Grenade”  features flame effects across the entire stage.

The late part of Bruno’s set has a few lasting moments that feature yet another effect. For “Locked Out of Heaven,” the first song of the encore, turbo confetti blowers are used to shower the stage and fill the arena with multi-color confetti.

This epic tour is one for the ages and we are proud to have been chosen by Bruno Mars to help bring his energetic and fun performance to life.