The 60th Annual Grammy Awards

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The 60th Annual Grammy Awards were held on January 28, 2018 and aired live from Madison Square Garden, marking the show’s return to New York City for the first time since 2003. Pyrotek’s New York location enabled us to easily accommodate this year’s change of venue. Kendrick Lamar opened the show with a performance featuring U2 and Dave Chappelle. The medley delivered a message that was political, comic, visually stunning and musically brilliant. Our effects helped tell the story – salamander quad pros generating intense flame cues, red falling stars symbolizing a battle and white flash with bang simulating gunfire during the set’s incredible finale. The entire audience was on its feet applauding this incredible show opening. Bruno Mars and Cardi B’s first live televised performance of the “Finesse” remix captured the “In Living Color” vibe perfectly on the Grammy stage. Vibrantly colored mines enhanced this energetic performance, which was choreographed and performed to perfection. Grammy first-timer and best new artist nominee SZA’s delivery of “Broken Clock“ illustrated her stage presence and vocal range. Near the song’s end a wall of silver torch falls lent elegance and motion to her stirring performance. Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s performance of “Despacito” featured silver and red comets and cryo jet cues that matched the incredible rhythm that make this song a universal favorite. Live television is always a challenge for performers and crew alike; however, the 60th Annual Grammy Awards delivered a striking reminder of why this is music’s biggest night and, as always, we are thrilled to have been a part of this production and to have the opportunity to work with this incredible team.