Trans-Siberian Orchestra

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As Paul O’Neill, the late producer, composer and lyricist for Trans-Siberian Orchestra, describes the band’s annual November through December epic trek across North America, the performances are designed to be “as over the top as we can make it…I want people to walk out of our shows speechless and still not believing what they have seen was possible.” A tall order, but from the beginning, Pyrotek has been up to the challenge. To help bring the vision of O’Neill and his designers to life each season, we are continually developing unique and innovative special effects solutions to complement each outing's unique artistic themes. The show has an insane amount of awe going on: a wide array of pyrotechnics, multiple flame systems, lasers (high wattage and audience scanning), snow, fog and cryo effects, many of these on a specially designed B-stage as well as the main stage. TSO’s unassailable position as one of the world’s top touring acts derives, in large measure, from O’Neill’s unyielding commitment to the raw power of the live show. Each year, Pyrotek is proud to contribute its passion and expertise to this mammoth undertaking.