Comets – A single orb that travels in an upward position with a tail comprised of various colors and which shoots to various heights.


Streaking comets, sparkling columns, bursts of fire and smoke or stars that fall gently from the sky.  Whether you need to accent rage in a rock song, the arrival of a ground-breaking new product or the tearful crescendo of a soft ballad, we can develop a pyrotechnic solution that will leave your audience speechless.

Gerb Waterfall – A series of Gerbs are rigged to a pipe or a truss and are aimed downward to create a waterfall of sparks.

Gerb Spinner – Multiple gerbs that are mounted to a rotating device which spins during detonation, creating a spiral effect.

Falling Stars – A single orb that travels in a downward direction with a pronounced tail – available in various colors and heights.

Fireball/Mortar Hit – A pre-loaded effect which emits a fireball to approximately 8ft in height.

Stadium Pyrotechnics – We have numerous options for Large-scale Outdoor Pyrotechnic Effects – including Mines, Gerbs, Comets and various other products.

Gerbs – A tube device that emits a spray of sparks. The height and duration depends on device, with multiple options available.

Mines – Multiple orbs that travel in an upward direction (available in various colors and various heights).

Flame Projector – A pre-loaded device that emits a column of flame to approximately 10ft in height. Available in various colors.

Flash Effects – A pre-loaded bright flash effect with report. Available in multiple colors.

Air Burst – Comprises a round ball effect that hangs from a mounting point. Available in many different colors and sizes. Typical duration is one second with no fallout.