Custom Effects

Every artist wants what’s new and what’s next. Not only do we customize every show to meet your needs – we can also customize most effects to make your show truly stand out.

Our Effect
Your Experience

We can customize any effect and tailor it specifically to your show’s theme and experience.

Collaborate Early and Often

We believe the best moments are created when our client’s vision links up with our specific expertise. By working closely together, we help bring your idea to life, on a real stage, time and time again.

Test & Perfect

The process of deploying special effects involves a disciplined cycle of testing looks to perfect results. We will guide you through this journey and focus on your thoughts and feedback, all to ensure that the reality lines up with your vision.

Always Optimizing

Once your project is complete, we’ll review the results with you to identify what worked and what could be enhanced.

Never-been-done meets

We believe being innovative is all about knowing what will make the biggest impact on the most consistent and efficient basis. We pride ourselves on our ability to continually create effects that bring audiences to their feet, safely and efficiently, night after night.

What are you looking for?

Already have an idea for a new effect in mind? Let’s make it happen.