We are Pyrotek Special Effects Inc.

For decades, we have helped our clients deliver lasting memories to audiences around the world. We are the people behind the scenes, constantly working on cutting-edge solutions to create awe and inspiration at a wide variety of spectacular events.

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Part of what has made us a special effects leader is our focus on the client experience. Constantly striving to create operational efficiencies (without ever compromising safety) allows us to continually evolve our clients’ choices for spectacular moments.


It takes a large, passionate team with a wide array of skills to create the BIG moments our clients seek. For us, this business is more than what we all do. It’s who we all are.

What we Believe

It’s not just about the effects we produce, but the process. Every Pyrotek employee shares the same mission, values and work ethic to ultimately improve every client and audience experience while pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.


We are constantly learning and improving to make every aspect of our business better.


Inspiring. Next level. Leading edge. However you want to say it, we bring original thinking to everything we do.


We understand that the best show and the greatest client experience are driven by close collaboration, by proactively identifying needs and tirelessly developing solutions, and by observing the highest standards of accountability over the course of a project.


From idea to standing ovation, we anticipate, we respond to and we address every client need, every step of the way.


We have an unyielding passion for what we do, because we believe that one great show, or even a great moment in a show, can change the course of events, lives and histories.


Last on this list but always first in our minds, our disciplined approach to safety helps ensure we have safeguards in place in every environment for the protection of performers, crew and audiences everywhere.

Awards & Recognition

We’ve been recognized as one of the top special effects companies in the industry, year after year. 


Pyro Company of the Year
2007-2010, 2012-2018

LPSPinnacle Award

Pyro/SFX Company of the Year
2020, 2023

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