An Evening With

Silk Sonic

When most artists set out to create a Grammy-winning album, the project usually encompasses work they’ve spent their entire careers crafting to perfection.

Now, imagine sweeping the Grammys with an album that started as a few inside jokes born backstage in Europe almost 5 years ago. 

Enter Silk Sonic...

Anderson .Paak was opening for Bruno Mars on the European leg of 24K Magic Tour in 2017 when the pair decided to collaborate in the studio on a few tracks, just for fun. They’d turn their backstage quips into electrifying hooks for future songs like “Smoking Out the Window” – which evolved to become the first song they’d write together as a duo. 

After the tour ended, Mars and .Paak wouldn’t revisit their side project until just before the pandemic, ultimately taking the year to tinker and perfect a 10-song album of tracks inspired by 1960’s and 1970’s soul music. At the time, “An Evening with Silk Sonic,” was simply a way to boost their spirits and keep themselves busy – as they never actually intended on performing the songs for a live audience. 

It wouldn’t be until early 2022, the pandemic only slightly behind them, that Silk Sonic would change their minds, turning their passion project into a full scale live production at the Dolby Live theater at the Park MGM in Las Vegas.

Silk Sonic Sparks

The production was masterfully crafted by the artists themselves in collaboration with Silent House Productions to combine elements of the past with the flair of the present. The set design was reminiscent of the bandstand stages of the 1960’s while hiding a collection of special effects and a number of lasers from the audience until their intended moment in the set list. 

While both performers are notorious for captivating spectators with their unparalleled musical abilities and incredible showmanship, they take the experience a step further by requiring audience members to place their phones in a locked pouch for the entire 90-minute duration of the performance. 

"Because what happens in vegas, should stay in Las Vegas..."

This move, consistent with Mars’ other Sin-City productions, truly transports the crowd to that special place Silk Sonic has spent the last year creating. Each night, showgoers become another element in the production, often completely mesmerized by what happens on the stage in front of them and engaging with the performance in a way that hasn’t been seen in decades. 

With no fan pictures or videos circulating online, Mars and .Paak take advantage of the opportunity to continually fine-tune the show in real time; adjusting or adding cues without judgment or recourse right alongside their technicians. From tweaking the lighting to even adjusting specific effects cues or placements, each show in the residency has become its own unique performance; truly encapsulating the meticulousness and precision of Silk Sonic’s creative process. 

We are privileged to have been a part of one of Vegas’ most exciting residencies and can’t wait to see what is in store for this dynamic duo next.


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