Jonas Brothers
Happiness Begins

Many bands break up and come back — but they don’t often have the same success as they did before going their separate ways. Things tend to get even more complicated when your bandmates are also your family.

The Jonas Brothers had an idea that the deck was stacked against them — even if they could set their family differences aside — would their music still be popular with fans that have been waiting ten years for their resurgence?

The answer
was a resounding, yes.

Nick, Kevin, and Joe Jonas got back to their roots on the Happiness Begins Tour, covering 92 cities in Europe and North America over four different legs, just like they did when they were kids. This time, they brought many of those that had been with them since their humble New Jersey beginnings, including their parents and original bassist, Greg Garbowsky, and former manager/guitarist John Taylor. The boys also included those key to their fresh start — their wives and children.

Happiness began for Pyrotek when the Jonas Brothers selected Silent House Productions and Baz Halpin to help them design a tour that embodied what each brother had previously loved about performing. Our team had several discussions with Jonas’ creative director, Chase Foster, Baz, and his team as the design evolved to include dynamic and unique pyrotechnic looks, flames, and even confetti to radiate positive energy from the second the house lights went out. Throughout the process, we tackled product, venue regulations, and a number of other details to ensure that their creative vision came to life on stage night after night, anywhere in the world.

Both the European leg and the North American leg were equipped the same way and sent a two-person crew of Pyrotek’s finest. The rig was made up of roughly a dozen Galaxis G-Flame units and several Magic F/X Stadium Blasters for the confetti shots during Cake By The Ocean and Sucker. There were also several pyrotechnic looks on the tour that included a durational gerb entrance to Rollercoaster, as well as more comets, airbursts, and mines. Pyrotek also custom-designed a unique pyro-look for their classic song, Lovebug. The encore itself had the guys bouncing back on stage alongside towering columns of flame to play Burning Up — which was a favorite moment for the artists with Kevin striking different poses as he reappeared in front of the crowd during some sets.

The Jonas Brothers had the reunion tour most bands dream about with many moments that will stand the test of time. We are thrilled to have been a part of their new chapter and can’t wait to see how it continues.


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