Choosing a reputable special effects partner is critical in pulling off a spectacular show. Not only do you need a team that has the equipment to achieve your vision, but you also need to be sure that they can address necessary production questions like:

      • “What safety measures will be taken into account?”

      • “How will the special effects work alongside the performers?”

      • “Can these special effects be used within different venues, at different locations throughout the tour?”

    Without these answers, you run the risk of unforeseen logistical issues, delays or costs that could result in a chaotic and unsafe event.

    The right partner in today’s ever-evolving industry provides end-to-end solutions from concept to execution. They should expect the unexpected, so you don’t have to.

    Pyrotek is proud to be a global leader in the special effects industry, delivering jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring effects for some of the world’s biggest acts.

    From stadium spectacles as big as The Eras Tour to smaller productions that feel larger than life such as Katy Perry’s PLAY residency, our team is constantly working on cutting-edge solutions to create wonder and inspiration for a variety of spectacular experiences. We specialize in the use of close-proximity effects including pyrotechnics, flames, lasers, confetti, water, and atmospherics.


    Our dedication to client experience.  From our first conversation to showtime, we strive to be an invaluable asset to any production. Our teams are prepared to handle every detail and are no strangers to the seemingly “impossible.”  We are constantly driven by wild ideas and crazy dreams – and we won’t ever compromise safety to make them come true.


    The real question is why not?

    Productions, regardless of size, scale, or audience have evolved into multi-dimensional experiences. Even corporate events have started to include moments of pyro or tunnels of lasers introduce keynote speakers or high-profile guests. Your effects selection, whether it be pyrotechnics, flames, lasers, fog, or confetti, can amplify the vibe of your performances, eliciting emotions and reactions that crowds (and artists) will truly never forget.


    Safety is something we take very seriously at Pyrotek. While we love a look that seemingly defies the odds, it is with utmost importance that those effects don’t create unnecessary stress, danger, or anxiety for any performer or production. From our simplest pieces to our most advanced innovations, all effects applications need to be permitted, inspected, and tested by their operating technicians before any show to ensure they are performing as reliably as they did before they hit the road. At the same time, these regular reviews of the effect establish a consistent interaction with all those involved with its utilization– keeping any surprises strictly for the incoming audiences.

    Special Effects regulations can vary by country, state or province, city, and venue. It’s important that we continuously follow these regulations and work with local officials to follow their specific safety standards when it comes to showtime.