When our clients contact us, they are looking for more than a flame device or fog effect. They are looking for a reliable partner who can execute their vision. We offer proactive and professional expertise through every step of the process. Collaborating early gives us bother an opportunity to share ideas and finesse the overall experience.

Our special effects professionals are located across North America. Based on your project, we assemble a team that will best suit your needs and bring your vision to life. No matter how big or intricate the effect, Pyrotek’s special effects professionals have the talent and experience to put together anything you can dream of.


Finalize Your Budget – For production designers and touring managers, budgets are the driving force behind any show. As the deciding factor on overall quantities and types of any given effect, knowing what a fully designed show looks like early on can help set expectations and boundaries before we get too far into the process. We work with you to quote the project in its entirety at the start so there are no hidden costs or surprises while still creating the thrill you came to us for.

Timing – Timing is extremely important, whether we are creating custom effects of implementing existing ones. We are driven by deadlines and will work to make sure we are aligned with yours. Our permitting and logistics department starts working as soon as you confirm our involvement, securing permits, licenses and inspectors for all your shows in any given city or country. This information will allow us to make sure our effects will go wherever you do.

Your Vision – Throughout the process, your vision is our priority. Having a good understanding of the concept allows us to select the best products to achieve your desired look. If any budget or venue restrictions arise, we can also suggest innovative solutions that keep your desired looks intact.

Collaboration – We can’t do this alone and we strive to keep you actively involved with our process at each and every step of the way. Depending on the project, we assemble a team of professionals that will fine-tune your desired design and take care of all paperwork required to bring it to life.