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Pyrotek has partnered once again with country music’s hottest duo Florida Georgia Line to kick off their fifth headlining tour, Can’t Say I Ain’t Country.



Our partnership with FGL started in 2015 on the Anything Goes Tour



Featuring special effects


different countries

Including Australia

There is a specific challenge that comes with creating the adrenaline-pumping thrill of a race car throttling around a track when you can’t load in the cars, track, and victory lane – but that’s what cryo jets, vibrant video visuals, and the powerful lyrics of Florida Georgia Line’s Speed of Love achieve when brought together in front of audiences all over the country.

Pyrotek helped bring that moment and several others to life on the duo’s Can’t Say I Ain’t Country tour which also touted several flame looks and a flurry of pyrotechnics. Our teams worked closely with production to not only bring crowds to their feet, but to account for all the intricate details that went into heating up this dynamic 2019 tour.

Getting a little more
dirt on our boots

Our partnership with Florida Georgia Line spans over four years with us hitting the road on the duo’s Dig Your Roots (2017), Smooth (2016), and Anything Goes (2015) tours. We have worked on 226 shows with the guys, in 4 countries, executing countless fireballs and cryo plumes along the way. Can’t Say I Ain’t Country brought back the excitement of fire and cryo, but also gave us room to be creative with a few new tracks on the setlist alongside the band’s chart-topping hits.

This year’s tour presented an additional challenge as the band had several moving pieces that served as transitions in their set such as an inflatable water tower and a flatbed truck with a piano. We were pushed to think outside the box when it came to effect placement as crews needed our footprint to be even smaller than usual, while still ensuring the full stage look and the highest level of performer safety.

Bringing country to life

Florida Georgia Line’s flame columns and fireballs were created using Le Maitre Salamander Quad Pro units, a flame device that operates in any jurisdiction, that appeared behind the duo as they performed hits like Anything Goes and Up Down. The units lined the band riser directly in front of the large video wall, carefully placed out of the path of any moving props and band members. The canister based fuel source also ensured that they fit in the limited space over their propane counterparts while establishing an almost identical look.   

Pyrotek also brought a variety of pyrotechnics to the stage, including mines, gerbs, waterfalls, flashes, and comets. Our teams played with several different colors and angles of these products to keep audiences engaged for the full 70-minute show. From the opening flashes of Colorado to the awe-inspiring look of the stage length gerb waterfall at the final verse of H.O.L.Y. The flames and pyro are always a big hit with the audiences, but even Tyler and BK still get a kick out of the big pyro moments.

Whether it’s the thrill of the pyro or the hell raisin’ heat of the flames, the reception from Florida Georgia Line and their fans is what inspires us to keep bringing the party each and every year.


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