Every great show has the potential to become an unforgettable experience for audiences everywhere. All it takes is the sensory elements that a quality special effect can provide to take things to the next level. Whether it’s the intensity of a flame or the dancing light-waves of a pulsing laser, the right effect can unleash emotions and reactions on levels you’d have to see to believe.


Our range of pyrotechnic effects has the power to create unbelievable, show-stopping moments with just one hit or create dynamic images in the sky with a well-executed combination.


Turn up the heat and exhilarate fans with our flame effects. Our systems are designed to perform to the highest degree, safely and reliably every single time. We offer a number of different models with varying fuels types including but not limited to propane, cannisters, alcohol, and Isopar. 


Completely captivating and versatile, our laser effects command attention across any sized venue. These fixtures make your show larger than life and add an unparalleled ambiance to any act from hip-hop, rock, and even country. 


Whether you’re looking to stir up some drama or add a little mystery, atmospherics help to tell the story and add a mystical element to any performance. 


Synonymous with celebration, confetti is pure happiness out of a cannon. We have a wide range of shapes, sizes, colors and types that fit with any event and can be deployed in a number of ways. We give clients the option of blowers, single- and double-barreled cannons, stadium shots or even silent storms of confetti that can be blown out for extended periods of time.