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We invent, design and deliver exceptional moments through safe, reliable and innovative special effects.

Remind audiences what it’s like to really feel ALIVE

At Pyrotek Special Effects Inc.®, we create jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring special effects for some of the world’s biggest acts – on stages both large and small. For decades, our team of professionals has used its passion, experience, tools and techniques to help clients create unforgettable live experiences.

Future Forward

We deliver world-class solutions with the highest standards of professionalism, accountability and efficiency on a global scale.

Best-in-class Talent

We have built a culture of excellence by hiring, training and growing some of the industry’s leading professionals.

End-to-end Services

A collaborative co-creation process allows us to help make memorable moments, and long-lasting client relationships.


We can customize any effect – or integrate groups of effects together – to tailor an experience specific to your show.

Our Special Effects


Partner and Collaborate Early

When our clients contact us, they are looking for more than a flame device or fog effect. They are looking for a reliable partner who can execute their vision. We offer proactive and professional expertise through every step of the process. Collaborating early gives us bother an opportunity to share ideas and finesse the overall […]

Choosing the Right Effects

Every great show has the potential to become an unforgettable experience for audiences everywhere. All it takes is the sensory elements that a quality special effect can provide to take things to the next level. Whether it’s the intensity of a flame or the dancing light-waves of a pulsing laser, the right effect can unleash […]

Choosing a SFX Partner

Choosing a reputable special effects partner is critical in pulling off a spectacular show. Not only do you need a team that has the equipment to achieve your vision, but you also need to be sure that they can address necessary production questions like: Without these answers, you run the risk of unforeseen logistical issues, […]

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